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For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, be a founding student of The Digital Marketing Classroom and LOCK IN your membership fee of ONLY $19 per month! Learn how to manage social media like a pro, create captivating content, and get your audience to engage! Learn the how, the why, then when, the who, the what, and more. Learn the method behind the madness and start getting results for you and your clients! Get over the shoulder, visual training, complete with lecture, visual guides, PDF worksheet downloads, audio for on the go, assessments, group support, and live Q&A sessions each month. Social media can be tricky. You’ve tried a few things, maybe you have taken a few courses online, and yet you still struggle to get results from social media. It’s okay. I’m going to teach you how to build a social media strategy that fosters engagement + delivers results using the 3+1Method. Get access to all of our courses in The Digital Marketing Classroom! Who Benefits From This Course:Small Business OwnersSocial Media ManagersMarketing AssistantsMarketing Managers/DirectorsVirtual Assistants/Freelancers Aspiring Social Media ManagersInfluencers or Self-Branding IndividualsAnyone wanting to learn a new trade to escape their 9-5Stay at home parents looking to make money on the side Level - All experience levelsMonthly webinar training sessionsPDF worksheetsAudio files for on the go learners Monthly Q&A SessionsWeekly office hoursOngoing support & encouragementLearn at your own pace and skill level Course Objectives3+1Method Strategies Objectives + FrameworkAnalytics + PlatformsPlanning + CreatingDelivering + FosteringAudience Building + Engagement Receive unlimited support in our membership group. Get exclusive access to VIP only training sessions every single month. What is the 3+1Method? During the last 9 years of managing social media for local small businesses, I discovered a pattern that was working for every client. Although the content itself was different, the method I used was the same and they we’re all having great results. While the algorithms are always changing, we didn’t find ourselves struggling. I discovered a steady constant that has built amazing social media accounts from a variety if niche's. LOCK IN your membership fee of ONLY $19 per month! Join NOW!  

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